Tollabea, a fun and informative German family blog

Béa Beste, founder of Tollabea calls herself an “edupreneur”, a “mom” and an “eternal child”. Her family blog is widely known in Germany.
She has an impressive curriculum and already managed many interesting projects, for instance she founded several bilingual schools across Germany so she certainly is an expert when it comes to child education.
Next to her, she has great female writing support and one of them is her own daughter Carina. Continue Reading »


Sapos y Princesas, A Parental Network looking for Kids and Family Activities in Spain 

Sapos y Princesas, the Parental Networking Site, logo

If you’re looking for a great play at the theatre or special exhibits in museums that are great for kids, then Sapos y Princesas offers the best information.

Since it’s launch in 2005, “Sapos y Princesas” has grown into a successful Multiplatform Media Company, especially designed to make parents lives just that much easier. They work towards providing parents with information, with the aim to bond with their kids through the time spent with each one another. Continue Reading »


Mammaproof, a wonderful City Guide for families visiting Barcelona and Madrid

Mammaproof was created in 2011 by two mothers whose aim was to enjoy their cities while being young parents and to help transform them into more family orientated places.
In the past few years, their network has increased immensely and they have become an important reference point for all parents looking for inspiration on where to eat, shop, play and travel with their children. Continue Reading »


Penguins – A fantastic place to learn how to swim with the little ones in Barcelona

Being surrounded by water is natural for babies – after all they spent quite some time swimming before we even met them! Starting to learn these skills at an early age is very beneficial to them and is a very nice activity for mum or dad to enjoy with their little one.
So I was very happy to find this brand new place in town (it opened its doors last year in September) and I take my little daughter every week to this fabulous swimming class, which I thought would be nice to share on my blog. Continue Reading »