WAS FÜR MICH, my favourite German Family Blog

I am very happy because the wonderful Claudia Schaumann who is a school teacher, journalist, author, mum of 4 beautiful kids and also writer of the heartwarming family blog “WAS FÜR MICH” travelled to one of The Little Voyager’s family friendly properties end of January 2019.

The popular blog is about her daily family life, travel inspiration, recipes, children book recommendations (she writes her own children books!) and much more.


Improvising when travelling with small children

Recently I learned again the hard way how important it is to improvise and be patient when travelling with small kids.

We visited Andorra for few days during a Spanish bank holiday and just like everybody else we planned on leaving on the Sunday so we would be back to work and to kindergarten by Monday.


Techlab Kids workshop organised by Afterscool at Hubbub this Friday

Whenever you are looking for great after-school activities or school holiday camps for your kids in and around Barcelona, have a look at Afterscool, an online marketplace that connects parents with all kinds of different places that are offering interesting activities. On their website you can discover and book them all, best price guaranteed.

Their newest creation is called “COOL activities for Kids” for which they choose special locations combined with innovative activities that parents and kids love.


Treat yourself to a Muments Morning at Kids & Kafé next Saturday in Barcelona

Few weeks ago I had the pleasure to meet one of the founders of Muments, who explained her business to me and to some other mumpreneurs. I instantly fell in love with what they offer to local mums and how the project got started.

So what exactly is Muments?

Sara and Cindy, two Mexican mums, met thanks to their husbands 5 years ago in a bar, which was the beginning of a close friendship.


SocialFam, a great community for international families in Barcelona

SocialFam, a great Community for International families in Barcelona with The Little Voyager

All of you that have children know that there is a lot of truth behind the saying “it takes a village” and it can be very tough to find that village especially when you live abroad and don’t have your family support system in place.

This is why SocialFam has been created with the idea to create a community for international families in Barcelona focusing on family wellbeing, bringing people together and supporting each other’s businesses.


El Petit Festivalet 2018, an innovative fair offering kids products and creative workshops for families

The Entrance to El Petit Festivalet with The Little Voyager

Last year in November we visited with our kids the first edition of “El Petit Festivalet” (which translates as “The little festival”). I really enjoyed discovering new children brands and my son joined two workshops that were really fun for kids.

This year the innovative festival will take place on November 3rd and 4th at Disseny Hub Barcelona.


Kids Time Me Time – the first hourly day-care centre opened in Barcelona

Kids Time Me Time Logo and The Little Voyager

It takes a mom or parent to create a space suitable for other parents and this is exactly what Ekaterina Alvarez Melloni, an expat mom living in Barcelona, did.

The reality of life and being an international family abroad without regular support of grandparents or other relatives hit her hard when her son was born. She claims she struggled and lived in a survival mode for several months trying to keep up with work, family life and her own personal interests, a reality that we all know well once our first child is born.


Stylish and affordable nature experiences with the kids

German Farmhouse with The Little Voyager

Recently a friend of mine said she thought The Little Voyager only dealt with high end accommodation. I was surprised to hear this as I aim to keep a balance between different types of accommodation and price ranges.

Stylish and child-friendly does not have to be pricey. Our latest addition is a perfect example of this: a traditional farmhouse in northern Germany that has been tastefully renovated and converted into apartments.